MINI RODINI Adored Round Green Sunglasses

Gafas de sol para niños. Edad recomendada: 5-10 años

100% materiales reciclados.

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Round 70’s inspired sunglasses made from 100 % recycled fishing nets. The sunglasses feature a Mini Rodini logo and Panda print on the frame. Featuring polarized lenses with an anti-scratch coating and 100 % UVA/UVB protection. The recommended age for the sunglasses is between 5-10 years old: the width of the frame is 13,2 cm and the length of the temples is 12,3 cm.

The sunglasses come inside a bioplastic bag in a drawer box made from certified sustainably forested wood (FSC certified) with a cleaning cloth made from recycled PET plastic.

Material specification

• Panda and Mini Rodini Logo print
• Polarized lens with anti-scratch coating
• Width on the whole frame: 13,2 cm
• Length of temples: 12,3 cm
• 100 % UVA/UVB protection in glass
• Frames made from 100 % recycled fishing nets
• Drawer box in FSC-certified paper
• Cleaning cloth made from recycled PET plastics
• Comes in a bioplastic bag
• Made in China

The frames of our sunglasses are made from 100 % recycled fishing nets from Spain (approximately 15 grams recycled fishing net/frame). Old and abandoned fishing nets (ghost nets) are collected and cleaned to then be fully recyclable via molecular recycling. This means that the material is infinitely recyclable without losing its quality along the way. Once the sunglasses have served its purpose, pass them along to someone else, or scan the QR code on the cleaning cloth for instructions on how to send them to recycling.

This product is part of the process that helps clean up the world’s oceans. Each year, 600 000 metric tons of fishing nets end up in the world’s oceans, trapping dolphins, seals, and smaller fish. These abandoned nets drift with the strong currents and scrape the bottom surface, destroying the coral reefs that are essential to the survival and health of both the world’s oceans and human beings.

Mini Rodini

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